8ft Veneer Rotary Clipper cutting wood veneer

Veneer Rotary Clipper rmainly clip the wood veneer which is used in plywood veneer peeling line and to cut the wood veneer to fixed size. China wood veneer cutting machine manufacturer.
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Product Name: 8ft Veneer Rotary Clipper cutting wood veneer

Major Technical Parameters

Model : BQ1926/S 

Length of Veneer cutting: 300-1300mm

Length of Veneer cutting: 0.4-4.0 mm

Length of Peeling Knife: 2700mm

Thickness of Veneer: 0.5-3.6mm 

Diameter of rubber roller:210mm

Linear Speed of Veneer cutting machine:  0-80m/min

Total Power: 3KW

Total Weight:  2000kg

Overall Dimensions:7100*3500*1700

Main Advantages

1.     Knife roller drive-ensures good stability and high uniformity of veneer peeling machine

2.     Linear guide rail-ensures the wood veneer smooth, uniform.

3.     Japan NSK bearing-stable operation of veneer peeling machine.

4.     T10 reducer-low vibration, smooth and steady transmission,

5.     Hydraulic knife holder-simple operation and manpower saving


1.    Are you a factory?

      Yes. We are a factory that manufactured Spindle & Spindleless veneer peeling machine for more than 20 years.

 2.   Do you export the veneer peeling machines?

      Yes. We export Spindle & Spindleless veneer peeling machines, Wood log debarker,Veneer cutting machine,Veneer  

      stacking machine and veneer machine for manufacturing 4x8 plywood.

      We exports several lines to Asia,Europe,Africa. All products are popular among clients.

3.  Do you have own machine designers?

     Yes. We have own veneer peeling machine and plywood manufacture designers according to the clients’ requirement.

     We will make CAD for veneer machine and layout for 4x8 plywood production line.

 4.  Do you have after-sale service team?

      Yes. We have a service team of 20-years experience in veneer peeling machine. They will be responsible for the installation

      and maintenance of the veneer plywood machine.

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