• Maintenance of veneer peeling machine

    Oct 11,2023
    The veneer peeling machine is the main machine of plywood manufacturing. Its working condition affects the quality of veneer and plywood. The quality of the wood peeling maintenance work directly affects the quality and output of the veneer. 1. The impact of the wear of the rotary wood peeler machine on the quality of the veneer The maintenance of the rotary veneer peeling machine during productio...
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  • Hot press veneer dryer machine

    Aug 29,2023
        Hot press veneer dryer machine, which have been studied for a long time, can be used both for drying sawn timber and for drying veneer. The hot press dryer combines the dual effects of pressurization and contact heat transfer. There are two main types of veneer hot-press drying: continuous hot-press dryer and repeated hot-press dryer. The characteristics of veneer drying by hot press...
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  • Wood debarker machine

    Aug 16,2023
    The purpose of wood debarking is mainly to facilitate rotary cutting and improve the quality of veneer. The bark is generally composed of outer bark, phloem and cambium. Because the structure of bark is completely different from that of wood (xylem), bark is not only useless in plywood production, but also because its phloem is mostly composed of elongated fibers, if the wood section is directly p...
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  • Wood loss during the LVL production process

    Jun 5,2023
    During the LVL production process, the wood loss of each main process is roughly as follows: 1. Sawing loss (truncation, sawdust): generally 2%-3% 2. Rotary cutting loss (wood core, broken veneer): The proportion of wood core and broken veneer is related to the material and log diameter. LVL uses low-grade timber and small-diameter timber, but because veneer lengthening and spindleless veneer peel...
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  • Machine for LVL production-Hot plate veneer dryer

    May 2,2023
    Hot plate veneer dryer: used for drying the thick veneer manufactured by LVL, usually the roller dryer is used first, and then the hot plate dryer is used. This process can not only ensure the quality of the veneer, but also improve the efficiency of veneer drying. The host structure of the hot plate dryer is basically the same as that of the ordinary plywood hot press machine. In order to shorten...
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  • Machine for LVL production-Roller veneer dryer

    Apr 20,2023
    Roller veneer dryer: It uses a series of upper and lower rollers to convey the veneer through the dryer. All the lower rollers are driven by a motor through a transmission device through a chain, while the upper rollers are driven by the lower rollers through a pair of long-toothed gears. Therefore, the upper rollers can be used with different veneer thicknesses float up and down within a certain ...
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  • Machine for LVL production-Veneer peeling lathe

    Apr 11,2023
    Machine for LVL production-Veneer peeling lathe Rotary veneer peeling is one of the key processes in LVL production. The rotary veneer peeling machine is to process a certain length and a certain diameter of wood into a continuous veneer strip, which becomes a certain specification of veneer after cutting. The performance and operation of the rotary cutting machine has a direct impact on the outpu...
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  • What is LVL

    Feb 17,2023
       Laminated veneer lumber is a structural material made by processing wood into thicker veneers, drying, sizing, forming blanks along the grain, and laminating and gluing. Because it is basically formed along the grain, it is also called parallel plywood. Because it is similar to the performance of glued wood, it is also called veneer glued wood. Its manufacture is very similar to plywo...
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  • Why we need veneer dryer?

    Dec 7,2022
                  The meaning of veneer dryer The moisture content of the veneer after rotary cutting is very high. If the veneer is directly sizing without drying treatment, and then the billet is hot-pressed, when the veneer is sizing, due to too much water, it is easy to cause glue bleeding, which will make the veneer glued together. Lack of glue on the surface; b...
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