Problems and solutions of Spindleless Wood Veneer Machine 1 Jul 27,2020

Problems and solutions of Spindleless Wood Veneer Machine 1

Problem 1 -Uneven wood veneer


1.    Poor knife straightness

2.    Decentraction ( not properly aligned) between shaft ends and body

3.    Excessive squeezing force

4.    Serious wood sunny side and shadow side

5.    Too small and not straight wood log

Solving methods:

1.    Re-sharpen the edge of the veneer peeling knife of and check the straightness;

2.    If any chattering of the rollers, you can check the following:

a.    whether the bearing is damaged or the radial space is too big;

b.    whether the shaft end of the roller is deformed because of excessive squeezing force caused by bent or flat wood. The operator should replace the new pattern roller in time or adjust by yourself.

3.    If the knife height is too low or the knife gap is too small, single & double rollers and peeling knife will place great pressure on the wood. The log core will be irregularly deformed, which can directly influence the flatness of wood veneer.

4.    When the wood is too thin and bent, the wood will be forced to be straight and peeled due to the strong automatic feeding pressure of the machine.When the wood is peeled out of the machine, it will shrink with the original bending.

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