Problems and solutions of Spindleless Wood Veneer Machine 2 Aug 7,2020

Problem: Uneven thickness of veneer peeled by wood veneer machine


1.    The knife position is incorrect.

2.    The knife is not sharp enough.

3.    The knife gate gap is too small or too large.

4.    The wood is too dry or too hard.

5.    The carbon brushes of the electromagnetic clutch are virtually connected.

6.    The gap between the pressure bars on both sides of the knife table is improperly adjusted.

Elimination method:

1.    Sharpen the knives again to sharpness, and polish with oilstone.

2.    When the knife position is too high and the knife gate gap is too large, the wood will jump when the peeling residue is small, the surface of the veneer will appear curtain surface, and the wood core will be square or hexagonal.

3.    When the knife position is too low or the knife gate gap is too small, the squeezing force placed on the wood is several times higher than that of normal rotary cutting, and the peeling veneer shrinks and deforms excessively, causing uneven veneer thickness.

4.    When the machine is peeling, sometimes it will stop when it feeds automatically. Generally only need to rotate the carbon brush down for one or two turns. If the oil box is short of oil, you should inject clean thin engine oil to prevent the clutch plates from sintering or the clutch slipping.

5.    When the wood is peeled, if the knife table shakes, the evenness of veneer thickness will be poor. The adjustment method is: check and tighten the screws of each fastening component, and adjust the distance between the pressure strips on both sides and the slider of the knife table to 0.2 ----0.5mm. Remember not to adjust too tightly.

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