Problems and solutions of Spindleless Wood Veneer Machine 5 Oct 28,2020

Problems and solutions of Spindleless Wood Veneer Machine 5

Problem: The thickness of the two ends of the remaining wooden shaft is inconsistent, and the wood veneer surface is fan-shaped.


1.The height of the two ends of the veneer peeling knife is inconsistent;

2. the gap between the two ends of the knife is inconsistent;

3. the single roller bearing is damaged;

4. the screws are loose and fall off;

5. the lower pillow and bottom bar of the knife table;

6. the slide screw are loose, and the lead screw is inconsistent.

Solutions: The inconsistency of the height of the two ends of the knife will cause the thickness of the veneer on both sides to be thick on one side and thin on the other, resulting in the oblique skin and wood core being larger and smaller. The wooden shaft on the high side of the knife is thin, and the wooden shaft on the low side is thick. The inconsistency of the knife seam at both ends of the knife is basically the same as the effect of the inconsistent knife height. The side with the smaller knife seam has a thinner board and thick wooden shaft, and the side with a larger knife seam has thicker skin and thinner shaft. Only need to adjust the knife height and knife seam to be consistent to return to normal. After the single-roll bearing is damaged, in the normal peeling process, due to the squeeze of the wooden board against the roll, the damaged bearing deforms, causing the knife gap at the damaged part of the roller bearing to be too large, and the wooden shaft will also become thinner. The sliding pillow of the tool table, the loosening and falling off of the screws on the slide will also directly affect the unbalanced, uneven, and inconsistent feed of the tool, resulting in inconsistent thickness of the wooden shaft. You should check whether the screws of each part are loose or falling off in time. , It is necessary to promptly replace the screws and parts of various parts that are damaged, easy to damage, and easy to fall off. Strictly prevent the machine from working with diseases, so as to avoid small problems into major problems, causing downtime and unnecessary losses. If the feed is inconsistent and the nut is worn out, loosen the screw of the drive shaft seat and make the umbrella wheel rotate one end of the lead screw (each pitch is 0.8mm) to advance or retreat the corresponding number of teeth.

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